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Coverage for Businesses

TruInsure offers a wide variety of policies designed to protect your business. We are committed to understanding your business and your goals. This allows us to identify potential and existing exposures and make recommendations on your business needs.

We look forward to partnering with you today and down the road as your business grows and changes.
Commercial property insurance can protect against damages to your business property, contents and business income. 
General liability insurance protects your company in the event of a lawsuit for unintentional accidents, mistakes or injuries in which you or your employees may be involved in.
If you use a vehicle or provide your employees with a company vehicle to move equipment and/or products, you need commercial auto insurance. It is designed to protect your business in the event of accident, theft, injury and/or other damages involving vehicles used by your company.
No one wants to think about employees taking from the company, or break-ins and burglaries. Yet they can and do happen. Crime insurance protects against money, securities or other property due to theft, burglary or robbery.
Technology is central to both personal and business life. Using email, the internet, and networks exposes your business to Cyber Liability. Get coverage for a range of risks including damages due to loss or theft of client data or introducing a virus into another businesses' network.
Umbrella liability provides extra peace of mind for you and your business. It offers an affordable layer of excess liability insurance for your business in case of catastrophic lawsuits and judgements.
Employment Practices insurance protects employers by covering against claims of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discipline, wrongful failure to promote or hire, discrimination, and other alleged violations of employees’ legal rights.
Professional liability insurance provides financial protection for professionals such as real estate agents, accountants, attorneys, architects, counselors, engineers, management and business consultants, personal trainers, photographers, other business professionals who are sued by their clients for alleged negligence or failure to perform services.
A surety bond is a promise that a surety/guarantor will pay a certain amount if the principal fails to meet the requirements of the obligee.  A license and permit bond can be required by state, local or federal government agencies.  Other bonds include, but are not limited to, bid bonds and performance bonds.
All employers in the state of Minnesota that have employees are required to carry workers compensation coverage.  This coverage provides medical care and a portion of lost wages in the event an employee is injured at work.
Liquor Liability protects business that sell or serve alcohol against claims that occur due to a patron injuring themselves or someone else while intoxicated.
Voluntary Benefits are also known as supplemental insurance or employee-paid benefits. They are products, benefits, or services offered by employers but mostly or fully paid for by employees via payroll deductions at a reduced group price.

TruInsure can help your business set up the following Voluntary Benefits for your employees:
• Dental
• Short Term Disability
• Long Term Disability
• Life Insurance
• Vision
• Accident Insurance
All material is provided for general informational purposes only, please refer to your insurance policy to determine actual coverage provided.