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Personalized Insurance. Personalized Service.

TruInsure agents are here to explain our full range of insurance products and services, and help you build a customized insurance plan with the right complement of policies for your lifestyle and personal circumstances.
We offer a wide range of automobile policies that help to protect against financial loss that would occur from physical damage to the vehicle. It can also provide coverage for bodily injury to the insured members or other drivers, as well as other types of liability that may result from an auto accident. 
Your classic car deserves insurance coverage as unique as the car. Policies offer agreed value coverage, customized mileage, restoration protection, and roadside assistance.
Your home is a big investment. Protect it with a homeowner's policy.  This type of policy can provide protection for your home,  personal possessions inside it, as well as liability coverage. Liability coverage can offer protection in the event that a visitor is injured while at your home.
Just because you don’t have a mortgage yet, doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot worth protecting under your roof. Protect your furniture, clothing and other valuable possessions with renter’s insurance. Similar to a homeowner's policy, renter’s insurance combines personal property and personal liability coverage, such as medical expenses for visitors injured in your home.
Your motorcycle is more than a mode of transportation. It’s your passion and expression of freedom. Motorcycle insurance policies cover multiple types of motorcycles from sport bikes, mopeds, cruisers, standard, and touring bikes. Options include collision coverage, comprehensive, and bodily injury to cover medical bills and medical costs in case of an accident.
Different vehicle, similar coverage. Recreational vehicle insurance policies are similar in protection to automobile policies.  Recreational vehicles include, but are not limited to, snowmobiles and ATVs.  
Your home-away-from-home is the ultimate getaway for rest and relaxation. To experience true peace of mind, you need appropriate seasonal home insurance designed to cover your structures and contents.  Liability coverage options are also available for your seasonal home.
Extra peace of mind. Personal umbrella insurance covers for losses above and beyond those of underlying policies such as homeowner's, auto, watercraft, and recreational vehicle insurance.
The damage caused by flooding and its aftermath can be devastating.  Floods are typically not covered under a standard homeowner policy.  Federal and private flood policies are available.
Watercraft insurance can protect your boating investment.  Coverage can include physical damage, liability, and medical payments for those injured in your boat.  Watercraft policies can also cover the trailer used to transport your boat.
If you rent a home to someone else, you will need a dwelling policy to protect it.  These policies can safeguard the home and anything you own inside the home for renter's use.  Dwelling policies can also cover losses you are found to be liable for as a landlord.
All material is provided for general informational purposes only, please refer to your insurance policy to determine actual coverage provided.